To locate the template go to Auto-Consultation > ardens CONDITIONS DIABETES AND ENDOCRINOLOGY> Pre-Diabetes

Save this template for quick access by adding to F12 favourites.

The template has been broken down by tabs along the top. Navigate to the page required.


The Home tab displays a summary of relevant patient medical history and medications. Please see our Home page support guide  for more information. 


This page is split between three sections Results, Diagnosis, Other, Action.

Results - The numeric fields for HbA1c, Fasting Blood Glucose and 2hr Post-Prandial Glucose will display the last result.  Clicking individually in to any of these fields will display all historical results in the yellow pane to the right side of the template.

There is a useful HbA1c Conversion table available:

There is also a Phlebotomy link to view all recent blood results or link to ICE/T-Quest for a new request.

Diagnosis - NICE guidance is provided for diagnoses.  The drop down provides the relevant QOF diagnoses codes.

Other - There is alternative coding available, along with NICE guidance as to when a patient should be coded instead as Diabetic. 

Action - Referral codes for NDPP can be selected from the drop down.  A Yellow Star indicates any local enhanced service requirements.

If using Ardens Pro package the Communications link with take you to local referral forms.

There are tick boxes available to document any advice given.  Use the little pencil icon to add your own text alongside.

There are also quick links to other useful templates if needing to record further information, such as

Lifestyle which enables you to record Smoking/Alcohol/Weight/BMI etc. and also Contraception if needed.

There is a New Diagnoses Letter provided as a Word Document to print out advising the patient of their diagnoses, this will merge through any relevant detail from the record.


Assessment - Numeric fields to code vitals such as BP, HR, Rhythm with a link to Vitals & Lifestyle to add any additional requirements such as smoking/alcohol etc. Clicking into any of these fields will display any historical data in the yellow pane on the right side of the template.

View or add results for HbA1c etc. by clicking in to the required field.  

Clicking individually in to any of these fields will display all historical results in the yellow pane to the right side of the template.

If you need to request bloods or view other blood results, click Phlebotomy where there is a direct link to a New Electronic Request for ICE/T-quest.

You'll find PHQ questionnaires in the Depression Screening link and a 6-CIT questionnaire in Memory Screening

Impression - Choose from 2 codes to either exclude or suspect Diabetes. Diagnosis can be added on the Diagnoses tab as above.

Management - The Management section allows the clinician to document the plan of action for the patient, as well as noting the advice given along with any Weight referral or relevant NDPP coding.

If you are using Ardens Pro, the Communications link will give access to your local referral form.

There is a link to the Contraception template and Patient Goals if needed. 

Please note: 

  • Yellow stars represent coding required for enhanced service payments if applicable in your area
  • Red stars Indicate any QOF requirements
  • Blue stars are for other national contract requirements

The little icons to the bottom right of the main template are shortcuts to other useful SystmOne functions or Ardens templates:

  • Link to Ardens Follow-up template which shows any outstanding SystmOne recalls, pending appointments, tasks etc. Link to Appointment Ledger and other useful functions
  • Create a task (clipboard & pencil icon)
  • Ardens Drug Review template 
  • Prescribe medication (SystmOne drug browser)
  • Quick print
  • Ardens QOF template - shows outstanding QOF alerts, HbA1c results & exception coding



This section contains links with information that can be sent via text/email by copying & pasting the link in to Send Message.

There is also a Mental Wellbeing Leaflet available as a Word Document for you to print. If you are using Ardens Pro package this will be localised.


There are a number of useful reports available within Clinical Reporting > Select the Ardens Ltd folder > Conditions | Diabetes

 or Prescribing > Alerts | Diabetes and also Monitoring | Diabetes