Emergency Contraception is embedded at the bottom of the main Contraception template where you'll also find links to other forms of contraception.

A quick way to access the template and save for future use is to add to the F12 launcher.

You can also use the bottom-left search bar in SystmOne.

This template is split into 3 separate tabs; Assessment, Formulary and Resources.


Codes denoted with a blue starindicate an Enhanced Service requirement and usually needs to be ticked for payment purposes.

The SystmOne Change Privacy function is available as a direct link, to mark the consultation as Public, Private or Safeguarding Relevant. For full details see our Privacy Settings article.

There is also a link to the Gillick & Fraser template.  For more information please click on the link.

Date of LMP provides a calendar or just free type the date.

Add the reason for Emergency Contraception from the drop down available  - alongside this is a link to Liver Enzyme-Inducing Drugs if the reason is a drug interaction.  Please see below.

Weight & BMI fields to code the numeric values, clicking in to these fields will display any historical data in the yellow pane on the right side of the template.


There is a direct link to Vitals & Lifestyle should you want to update any further codes such as smoking status, alcohol consumption.


If there are any Safeguarding concerns, the relevant codes are available from the the drop down and also a link to the Safeguarding Template and Child Sexual Exploitation Risk template if needed.

There are simple tick boxes to code if STI or Alcohol screening has been offered. To add further information & access leaflets click in to the corresponding templates next to these.

There is also a link to Cervical Smear Screening template with advice, invite and exception codes. The Leaflet hyperlink will take you to Patient.info to print or copy link to send. 


Advice codes and leaflets can be given under the plan section along with direct links to the the IUD template and a hyperlink to the Formulary tab for prescribing Emergency Contraception.

This can also be accessed by selecting the Formulary tab at the top of the template.


Contains links with information that can be sent to a patient via SMS/email by copying & pasting the link into Send Message.