The Postnatal Maternity Check Template can be found under Auto-Consultation - ardens CONDITIONS M to R - Postnatal Maternity Check or by searching in the bottom left-hand bar of SystmOne.


Note: If you regularly use the Postnatal Check Template it may be useful to add this to your F12 Favourites for quick access.



The Consultation page is split into 3 sections; Assessment, Impression and Management.



This includes the 6 week postnatal maternity examination read code that can be ticked when the assessment is completed along with any postnatal summary notes. There is an option for birth summary if needed  


Note: Any yellow stardenotes coding required for Local Enhanced Services and will need to be ticked for payment purposes.


Alongside the drop down fields for adding codes relating to Blood pressure, Gestational DM, Mental Health, Mood etc. are links to other templates such as Mood Scores, where you'll find Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Score, GAD, HADS, PHQ etc.


Coding is also available for Smoking & advice, Alcohol & Feeding.

Numeric fields to code vitals such as Temp, BP, HR, Weight. Clicking into any of these fields will display any historical data in the yellow pane on the right side of the template.


This is a free text box but also has presets available to the right which lists text frequently used, from here you can select 1 or multiple lines by pressing & holding Ctrl on the keyboard, using the mouse to select text required. Once text has been added you may also edit as necessary.

Next to findings are other scored assessment tools such as Sepsis risk, DVT, PE and drug formularies to prescribe medication for Mastitis and PID Pelvic Inflammatory Disease.


This is a dropdown box to mark the examination as normal or with problems by choosing the relevant read code. If needed, use to pencil icon to add extra notes about any problems.



This section includes a free text box to type the Plan along with tick boxes to code any advice given (Contraceptive advice etc.) 

Embedded next to these are direct links to leaflets for Womens Health, Cervical Screening & Contraception templates to exclude the need for having to exit the current template and open another.

Blue hyperlink to Resources which allow you to copy a link and forward to patient via text/email and also ICON Screening Questions available as a PDF.

Again there are links to other useful templates for Crying Baby, Sexual Health and Safeguarding.


To the right-hand side the calendar icon will take you to the Follow-Up template if this is required for the patient. 

The little icons towards the bottom right of the template are useful links to Follow Up, creating a Task, link to Prescribing & viewing any patient Letters.

There are also resources for 6-8 week Baby check and Neonatal Check.