Last review date 03/02/2023

The following support article will help you navigate to the Team Activity reports in SystmOne. These reports have been designed to be useful for monitoring how the Ardens clinical templates are being utilised in your practice and by whom.


How to Navigate to the 'Team Activity'  Folder

To access the reports, navigate to the 'Reporting > Clinical Reporting > Ardens';

Here you will find various reports for Ardens template usage across specific job roles by last month or last year.

Use of Ardens

In this folder, these reports can be used to monitor how much your staff are using Arden resources.  As with any list in SystmOne, this can easily be exported in a CSV spreadsheet by right-clicking anywhere in the list and selecting 'Table > Open as a CSV'.

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: