Last review date 03/02/2023

It is not possible within SystmOne Clinical Reporting to report on the exact number of times a specific template is used. We do however have a select number of reports that look at a few templates which use SNOMED-CT codes which are used in some of the common Ardens templates which are unlikely to be used otherwise. Whilst this will not be entirely accurate, it will help give a sense of use for a couple of the Ardens templates. To access these reports go to Clinical Reporting > Ardens > Team Activity > Use of Ardens. Please note that these reports are very blunt tools to look at usage of only a few of the Ardens data entry templates. There is also no method of identifying how many times a practice run the Ardens clinical reports either, for example the safety alerts, performance indicators, vaccination invitations and drug monitoring reports.

We are in the process of using the SystmOne Strategic Report Extracts on Ardens Manager, so will hopefully soon be able to provide practices, PCNs and ICBs with a more detailed report for the extact number of times any of our data entry templates have been used. Another useful way to monitor usage in the meantime is to just get practices to complete a survey as part of our Key Performance Indicators.