There are two weight management initiatives currently in place;  

Both have slightly different requirements and referral paths. 


On the 'Referral' page of the 'Obesity' template, you have the option to refer to either service.   You can see the eligibility criteria and there are links to further information. The referral form for Digital Weight Management is a national form whereas the referral form for the Weight Management ES is local, which is why this link takes you to the 'Communications template from where you can select your local referral form.  

The Digital Weight Management options are also available from the 'Online' pages of the 'Hypertension' and 'Diabetes' templates.


Digital Weight Management
There are three codes you can use from the template 

  • Referral to weight management service offered XaXR5
  • Referral to weight management service declined XaQUp
  • Referral to weight management programme XaJSu

Weight Management ES

The specification only lists one code that should be used for this service to qualify for payment.

  • Referral to weight management service Y2e63 which is now mapped to SNOMED code 1326201000000101


As there is a strong likelihood of using an incorrect code we have introduced a new protocol that will look for potential incorrect codes being added to the record and will prompt the user to record the Enhanced Service code, if appropriate. This protocol can be deactivated by following the instructions on the window below. 

There is also a report which can be found in 'Contracts I 2021 22 I NHSE > b Missed income' to identify where a non-payment code has been used. Patients identified can be reviewed and coding amended for payment if appropriate. 

Activity Reporting

Weight Management ES

Reports can be found in 'Contracts I 2021 22 I NHSE', where you can see your eligible patients and activity by month and year.