PLEASE NOTE: As from the 31st January 2024, CPCS will be renamed Pharmacy First.  Ardens will be updating the CPCS template to reflect these changes.  Please see the Governments Pharmacy First Contractual Framework for more details.

The CPCS template can be found on the Reception and Administration template by clicking on the "CPCS" button.

The Reception and Administration template can be found either under Auto-Consultations - ardens OTHER PROFESSIONALS, or by clicking on the Reception and Admin button on the toolbar. 

Alternatively the CPCS template could be added to your F12 favorites for quick access.

The CPCS template can be used to send and record a referral under the NHS Community Pharmacist Consultation Service (CPCS).

Sending a referral

A CPCS referral can be easily sent from the CPCS template. The reason for referral can be quickly documented by clicking on the preset text icon to the right of "Reason for referral". This is pre-populated with a list of conditions NHS England recommends as being appropriate to refer to under this service. Once the reason for referral has been documented, any other notes required can be entered in the Notes and Additional Comments box. Patients' agreement to be referred to the Pharmacist can be documented by using the "Referral to pharmacy service" read code.  

Clicking on the "CPCS Referral" button will launch a word document, pre-populated with the patient's demographic information. If you select a pharmacy from the practice's address book, it will also pre-populate with the details of the pharmacy the referral is being sent to.

Once the document has loaded, it can be checked and any additional information added. If the CPCS template was saved and reopened when generating the referral document, the reason for referral will have auto-populated from the template. Once you are happy with the document, save it to the patient's record using "Save Final Version".

Once the document has been saved to the patient's record, it should show in the view at the bottom of the CPCS template. From here you can right-click on the letter and select send via NHSmail. You will then need to select "Existing Contact" and choose the pharmacy to send to from your Address Book. When the patient's record is saved, this will email a copy of the referral document to the pharmacy.

Adding a Pharmacy to your Address Book

If your local pharmacies are not already present in your SystmOne address book, these can be easily added by a SystmOne administrator. Go to Setup > Referrals and Letters > Address Book from here a new place can be added with the contact type of pharmacy. Ensure the pharmacy's name, address, email is added to the record before saving. 

Please see training video below for more information