Last review date 16/12/2022

There are a number of Ardens templates that are 'Open Access' which any practice can use if they are not subscribed to Ardens. Due to the comprehensiveness of the Ardens templates on SystmOne which have quick action buttons to lots of other related templates and resources, these 'Open Access' templates do not include these links but all the other fields like the tick boxes and drop-down boxes contain all the same codes as the main Ardens template.

N.B. If you already use Ardens, please do NOT join this group as you already have access to all of these resources.

The following are some templates that are on this 'Open Access' Group.

Setup Process

To setup this, you will first need to join the 'Ardens Open Access' organisation group on SystmOne:

  1. Go to Setup > Users & Policy > Organisation Groups
  2. Untick the top left tick box 'Only show groups this organisation has joined'
  3. Find and open the 'Wiltshire' folder, then click on the 'Ardens Open Access' group
  4. Right-click this group > Join group
  5. Turn your SystmOne off and back on again to complete the process

Accessing The Templates

You can access the templates by various methods:

  • Adding it to your F12 Favourites for quick access.
  • Adding it to your clinical toolbar or any other template as a quick action button.
  • Searching for it in the bottom left of SystmOne.