The Weight Management Service template can be found under Auto-Consultation - ardens OTHER PROFESSIONALS - Weight Management Service.

Note: If you regularly use the Weight Management template it may be useful to add this to your F12 Favourites for quick access.

The template is split into 3 sections; Assessment, Impression and Management.

Assessment - If the Appointment drop down box has a next to it, this is a code required for Local Enhanced Services and will need to be ticked for payment purposes. A shortcut to our Post-Bariatric Surgery Review template is available to use along with free text boxes to record the History and Examination of the patient. recording of Weight, Height, Waist, BP, HR, Pulse and Assessment tick boxes are also available to use along with a shortcut to the BMI Calculator.

Impression - This has drop down boxes to record the BMI status of the patient along with Weight Control.  The EOSS tool is also available to complete through the shortcut.

Management - This section has a free text box for Plan, and an area to record Leaflets, Medication Review and Referral drop down read codes.