The Falls Risk Assessment Template can be found under Auto-Consultation - ardens CONDITIONS E to L - Falls Risk Assessment

Note: If you regularly use the Falls Risk Assessment template it may be useful to add this to your F12 Favourites for quick access.

This screen its split into 3 sections; Assessment, Impression and Management.

Assessment - In this section it is possible to record many options from the dropdown boxes including assessment codes, falls in the last year, behaviour, balance, cognition, frailty )including a shortcut to the frailty template), mobility, vision and also shortcuts to the FRAT score and TUGT.

Impression - A drop list of all relevant Falls Risk read codes 

Management - a free text box to record Plan, advice read code tick boxes, medication review and Osteoporosis Risk Assessment and referral read codes.

There area also a list of Resources available within the Resources tab.