The template can be located in the following ways:

  • Auto-Consultation > ardens NURSES and HCAS > Carer Assessment
  • Bottom left search bar in SystmOne

If using on a regular basis add to F12 Favourites for quick access.

Please note that this template is designed for carers and not those who are cared for.

The template is split into 4 sections: Carer, Assessment, Impression and Management.

Blue star indicates codes required for National Contract payment.

Yellow star indicates codes required for Local Enhanced Services payments if applicable in your area.


These codes will add the patient to the carer register.  


This section has invitation and health check read codes as well as codes required for the Carer Support Needs Assessment Tool (along with a short cut to the CSNAT website). Also included are options to record details of transport, employment status and benefits status.

Carer Strain Index

This is a scored assessment, complete the questionnaire. To view any historical scores, click in to the Carer strain index score box. Results will display in the yellow pane to the right of the template.


There are links to pyschosocial leaflets which can be sent via text/email and an Older Person Wellbeing Information leaflet as a Word document. This lists help and resources for the elderly in the local area, if applicable. There are also links to the general Formulary template as well as the Influenza Immunisation template.

The Resources tab has shortcuts to the Carers Direct and Carers UK Website if required.