The Med3 Request template can be found on the Reception and Administration template either under Auto-Consultations - ardens OTHER PROFESSIONALS, by clicking on the Reception and Admin button on the tool bar or it can be added as a shortcut to F12 for quick access.

This template is designed for Admin staff to collect relevant information for the GP/Nurse when completing a MED3 for the patient as well as making sure that the relevant patients are being passed onto the clinician.  

Please Note - Completing a formal MED3 certificate can be done under the Med3 & Letters button by Clinician.  

There are tick boxes within the template to confirm if the sickness has been over 7 days as well as a free text box to add information of the patients condition. There are also some fit for work tick button options. 

Once the template has been completed, it is possible to send the GP/Nurse a task using the new task button and also a link to the Appointment screens if required.  

Don't forget to OK the template and Save the record when completed and the information added into the template will available in the Journal to be viewed by the Clinician.