Last review date 03/02/2023

The  template can be found on the Reception and Administration template either under Auto-Consultations - ardens OTHER PROFESSIONALS, by clicking on the button on the tool bar or it can be added as a shortcut to F12 for quick access.

This template can be used inform a patient of their recent blood results.  In this template you will be able to see if a pathology result has been received but not filed away in the Unarchived section and also if it has been filed away under the all reports (in last 1m).  Under this option will be the filing comments recorded by the clinician so that you can pass this information onto the patient.

It is also possible to print results by clicking on the Print Results button.

If no information is added to the Phlebotomy template you can click Cancel.

In the Reception & Administration template a test results encounter can be added to the record by using the Test Results box.

You can also access a host of presets by clicking on the preset button as detailed above.

Don't forget to OK the template and Save the record if any data has been added to the record.