You can access the Physiotherapy template within SystmOne via Auto-Consultation > Ardens Other ProfessionalsAlternatively, add the template to your F12 Favourites as a shortcut or search for the template in the bottom left of SystmOne. There are a number of different tabs included within the Physiotherapy template which are covered in more detail below. 

There are also a number of associated Physiotherapy reports. These can be found under Clinical Reporting > Ardens > Team Activity > Physiotherapist


The history section is used to appropriately record details about the patients appointment, history and background information. Clinicians can make use of the body chart and VAS to collate key subjective information. There are tools to help such as oxford, start back and CTS scores. There is a dermatome map. Just click the link to go to the dermatome web page. 






The examination section is used to record objective findings and red and yellow flag information. The red flag section is split into general, back and neck pain. You can manually input relevant information or automatically fill these boxes by clicking the document icon next to each box. Once clicked, a list of red flags will be available to double click and input into the boxes. The yellow flag section can also be manually completed or automatically filled by clicking the document icon.






The management section can be used to record the clinical impression, education given and any leaflets and or treatments provided by the clinician. You can access the injections and aspirations or acupuncture templates to record any procedures.  There is a box to record any action plans and set goals with the patient. At the bottom of the management section there is an investigations section where clinicians can request radiology or blood tests. Finally, there is also a follow-up button which can be utilised at the end of the consultation. 




If you need any help please click help & feedback at the top right hand corner of the template and click contact us if you wish to fill in the online form for help.