The FeNO Test template can be accessed easily by either using the search option in the bottom left of SystmOne or by pressing F12 and adding it to your favourites.  You can also access this on the review tab on the Asthma Template.

The FeNO Test template has 4 tabs; Home, Diagnosis, Follow-up and Resources.

Diagnosis Tab


This tab is split into 3 sections; Test, Result and Diagnosis.

The Test section allows you to code the initial assessment, add the reason for referral and drop down a code for referral appropriateness.  The Result section allows you to code the measurement of expired nitric oxide and also a dropdown box containing laboratory findings codes. The Diagnosis section has a shortcut button to take you to the Asthma Template.

Follow-Up Tab

This tab allows you to complete a FeNO Test follow up.  Please read the guidance at the top of the tab covering the NICE guidance on this.  The tab is again split into the sections Test and Result and also a Follow Up section leading you to the Asthma Template.

Resources Tab

This contains useful respiratory websites to refer to if required.

FeNO Test Reports

Go to Clinical Reporting > Ardens Ltd > Tests > FeNO Test to access some reports to review FeNO test activity over the last year.