Subject Access Requests can be completed by a number of different methods. They are however often a little difficult to complete in a quick and easy manner, regardless of which method you choose.

1. 3rd Party Software Method

You can use companies like iGPR who offer a service to create solicitor SAR requests directly from SystmOne.

2. SystmOne Method

You can add the 'Subject Access Request' node to your clinical tree and then record a SAR request. You can then redact information if needed and then authorise, complete and print the SAR. For further information, in SystmOne press F1 for help and then search for 'Subject Access Request'

3. Read Code Method

You can use the Ardens 'Subject Access Request' template to record when a SAR has been requested. There are also useful links on the template to forms and risk assessment protocols.

To identify patients who have requested a SAR but have not been given a copy yet, go to Clinical Reporting > Ardens > Registers > Subject Access Request.