Last review date 03/02/2023

To configure your clinical tree, open a patient's record and then right click on ‘Patient Home’ in the clinical tree and select ‘Tree Configuration’. (Depending on your organisational preferences you may not have the rights to amend the clinical tree.)

Select your tree (normally named with the surgery name) and click on Amend Setup. You should have an organisational tree setup but depending on how you have decided to configure SystmOne may have individual trees setup as well.

On the next screen you can search for additional nodes, once you find what you are looking for you can double click on it to move it across to your clinical tree. Then use the up/down arrows to position it correctly and click ok. 

You can also use the folder symbol just below the arrow in the middle section to create a folder to place on your tree and then add items in to it.  To create separators in your tree use the button below this with a dotted line. 

You can add colours to the tree to pick out the more frequently used nodes. 

  • Click on Tree Colours on the left. 
  • 'Select Node to Colour'. 
  • Search for the item you wish to add colour to.
  • Chose your colour and you will see a preview in the right hand side. 
  • If you want to remove a colour, select it in the 'Node' list and click 'Delete Node' - you are not deleting the nod, just the colour.