Last review date 03/02/2023

Locate this template by clicking on auto-consultations > ardens GENERAL > Prescription Requests and Issuing or add it to F12 favourites.


Run the safety protocol to see if a drug review is required or if there are any overdue blood test alerts on the patient.  You will either see the Drug Review template at this point if there are or a message advising otherwise.  


Inform the clinician, for example, that the patient is due a medication review (if appropriate) using a Task

Do you need to contact the patient?  Text, email or write a script message, then tick that the patient has been informed.

Book the patient an appointment using follow-up


Look to see if there are any blood tests that are overdue or medication alerts on the patient 

View allergies (or right click the existing allergy entry to add new)

Re-prescribe current acutes by right-clicking the existing entry

Issue any repeats by right-clicking them individually (Note: Unfortunately, there is no way at present for the repeat list to be selected in bulk and issued in one go)

Previous meds - view or issue 

Don't forget to ok the template and save the record when finished.

Note: If you need any help please click help & feedback at the top right hand corner of the template and click contact us if you wish to fill in the online form for help.