Last review date 03/02/2023

The Shotgun & Firearms Licence template can be accessed from from auto-consultations > ardens GENERAL > Shotgun and Firearms Licence. You may also want to save this template to your F12 launcher for quick access.

Home Tab

This gives you an overview of information that has been collected on the patient already including any codes within the national code cluster and any other codes that may be significant.


This tab has all the relevant Firearm and shotgun status codes along with letters to both patients and responses to police.


Risk to self or others, informed of referral along with a dropdown list for review and police notified codes are available on this tab along with a shortcut to the police referral template.

Useful report

In clinical reporting under the lifestyle folder the Firearms subfolder contains a report highlighting the number of patients that have a firearm or shotgun c

If you need any help please click help & feedback at the top right hand corner of the template and click contact us if you wish to fill in the online form for help.