In SystmOne the appointments screen can be very busy and finding a suitable available appointment can be very difficult and time consuming for receptionists. 

Free slot search

This a very useful screen but can be overwhelming. With a little bit of time spent configuring the various filter options can save receptionists a lot of time. 



These work in a similar way to the bookmarks on the appointment screen, the only difference is that rather than giving them a name they are numbered.

1.1 To configure a bookmark

  • Ensure that you only have the relevant staff members ticked 
  • Select the relevant days of week, date and how many days ahead to search
  • Select the relevant rota types and slot types
  • Select the correct site if you have more than one 
  • click on a bookmark button without a number 
  • Confirm that you want to create the bookmark with the current settings

1.2 To remove a bookmark

  • Click on the bookmark you want to remove
  • Click on the 'X' to the right of the bookmarks 
  • Confirm that you want to clear the bookmark 

2. Staff roles

This option is under used and many staff are not aware that it is available. When you click on the button you will be presented a list of all roles that have been setup on staff in the practice. These are generally the roles taken from the users smartcard profile, for example 'Clinical Practitioner Access Role' is GP.  

This is a very quick way to search for an appointment for a particular staff role.    

 3. Skill sets 

This is a another under used option that many staff are not aware of.  This requires a bit of setup in the 'Staff and Organisation Setup' screens. 

3.1 Setup staff skill sets

  • Go to 'Setup > User & Policy > Staff & Organisation Setup' 
  • Right click on a staff member and select amend 
  • Go to the 'Skills Sets' tab and click on the '+' 
  • Select all relevant skills for that clinician 

NB: If you do not have skill set options in your list that you need, these can be added by going to 'Setup > Users & Policy > Configured Lists 

3.2 Using Staff skills sets

  • Click on the highlighted button above and you will see a pick list like this 
  • Click on the skill set that you want to book an appointment for and click on
  • You will now have filtered the appointments free slot search by staff who can perform that skill set