Did you know about the 'Contacts Details' template? 

This contains useful telephone numbers for local hospital departments and community services. 

To access this, click the 'Orange Arrow' icon > then select the 'Contact Details' button, which can be found on both the 'Home' and 'Admissions' page's of the 'Communications' template.

N.B. If you find you routinely use the 'Contact Details' template, we recommend adding it to your F12 Launcher for quick access. For instructions on how to do this please see the 'F12 Launcher / Favourites' article.

Alternatively, you can access this though the 'Contact Details' button found on the following templates:

  • Ambulance & Transport
  • Reception & Administration
  • Safeguarding Referral - Adult
  • Safeguarding Referral - Child

To add or update phone numbers, please contact support@ardens.org.uk