Last review date 03/02/2023

In SystmOne it is often very useful to be able to quickly access a list of values for a specific item such as in the example below for diabetic patients. 

In your clinical tree you hopefully will have this option . If you don't you may want to consider adding it to your tree.  Click on 'Numeric Results' and you will see a drop down with some presets already configured. 

Please note: 

There are three types of presets. 

1. User presets 

2. Organisational presets

3. System presets 

But you can't tell which is which until you click on 'Edit Presets'. 

To create a new preset click on 'New User Preset' or 'New Organisation Preset', give it a name and start adding numeric values to your preset by searching for them on the left and using the arrows to add to the right. 

If you have created a User preset you can select it in the list and click on 'Make Organisation-Wide' which means anyone else in the practice can see it but you as the creator can still amend it.