The Opiate Monitoring template can be accessed from the analgesia formulary. It can also be found in Auto consultations > Ardens Drug Monitoring J to Z. At the top you can record that opiate monitoring has been completed. 

The template will assist with managing individual patients, with quick access to:

1. Patient agreement for opioid based medication

2. Opiate conversion table 

3. Opiate risk tool

Best Practice Reports

There are also some reports to help monitor patients taking opioid medications.

To find these, go to 'Clinical Reporting > Ardens > Prescribing | Alert > Opioids'

Pop-Up Alerts

When issuing an opioid prescription, a pop-up will appear if no opioid monitoring has been recorded in the last 6 months and the patient has had:

  • 2 or more issues of an opioid in the last 1 month 
  • 8 or more issues of an opioid in the last 6 months
  • High dose issue of an opioid in the last 6 months

From the pop-up alert, select the 'Review' option to launch the Opioid Initiation and Monitoring template and complete the monitoring. This will supress the alert for 6 months.

Please note:
To stop these pop-up alerts go to Setup > Workflow Support > Protocols > Ardens > Prescribing and deselect the ‘Opioid Monitoring'.

Ardens can also assist with Benzodiazepine + Z-Drug Monitoring