Please note:  Pfizers - Inactivated Influenza Vaccine (Split Virion) will by default offer to record the part as 'Booster' which will not be detected by CQRS for payment purposes. You therefore need to select 'Part 1' and it is best to do this with a vaccination template as per below. A development request has been submitted to change this - reference number 9f020000, but is highly unlikely to be adopted / implemented during this flu season.  To support this, in SystmOne, go to System > Development Requests and search with 'Pfizer'. 

If you regularly have to enter the same details for vaccinations creating a template will save you time. Vaccination templates allow you to save the selections you would make in the 'Record Vaccinations' window so that you only have to enter them once. A vaccination template can be used for a single vaccination or for multiple vaccinations. 

Create a new vaccination template

Go to Setup > Vaccinations > Vaccination Templates 

Click 'New Template' and enter the required name I.e. 'Influenza Vaccination'.

Click 'Ok' and then add the vaccination details, ensuring that you configure the brand that your practice is using. Make sure you set the correct 'Part', some vaccines are set in SystmOne to offer by default something other than 'Part 1' so by setting the 'Part' here you will avoid this issue. 

Note: You cannot record batch numbers in a vaccination template

Now that you have created a vaccination template this can be used when processing either individual vaccinations or to batch record from a clinic