Last review date 03/02/2023

The Influenza data entry template has two buttons on to allowing using pre-set vaccination templates. 


1. Influenza Vaccination Template 

In order for this button to work the practice must first setup a local 'Vaccination Template'  which must be called 'Influenza Vaccination' (please note that the wording + spelling must be identical to this).  Once this is in place, clicking on this button will open that specific vaccination template so that you can very quickly record it. This allows practices to be very specific with the details of the vaccination including the method. This window will open with all the pre-set data but you can add or amend i.e. 'Site', 'Notes', before clicking 'Ok' to record it.  

For the 'Pregnancy Imms' template, you can also created a template with the reason as pregnancy.

2. All Templates

This button will open the list of all of your local vaccination templates where you can select which one you wish to use to record the vaccination. 

NB Only add one vaccination type to the Influenza Vaccination template otherwise when you click the button to apply it SystmOne will record each vaccination type in turn.