Last review date 03/02/2023

A quick and easy way to record each patient as having been given a vaccination is to wait until the end of the clinic and then process them all in one go. Before you do this make sure you check if there has been a mixture of adult and children vaccinated, these will need to be dealt with as two batches.  Follow the four steps below to make this process as simple as possible.

Step 1. Tidy Up Vaccination Batch Numbers

Each time a batch number is recorded in SystmOne it is added to a stored list. You need to make sure that all previously entered batch numbers are removed from this list and only the batch number that you have used in the clinic is listed. To do this, go to Setup > Vaccinations > Vaccination Batch Numbers.

You can see from this screenshot below there are usually multiple entries and even the NKs are listed. Use the delete batch number to clear out all batch numbers except the one you need. If it isn’t listed use the ‘Add Batch Number’ to record it.

Step 2. Add Vaccination Template

A vaccination template will save you time later so is highly recommended. See this article which explains how to create one. 

Go to Setup > Vaccinations > Vaccination Templates. If you already have a flu vaccination template, click amend to check it. Make sure all the details are correct, if not amend them and click ok.

Step 3. Add Event Details Template

Go to Setup > Data Entry > Event Details Templates. Then click on New Template and create one selecting the relevant options. If you already have one, click on amend and check it is correct.

Step 4. Record Vaccinations In Batch

Go to your appointments screen to the vaccination rota. Ensure only that those have been vaccinated are marked as completed on the appointments. Otherwise you won’t know who to code and who not to code. So in our example here, one patient has DNA’d all others have been marked as complete.

( N.B. There is a limit of 500 patients that can be batch coded, so if you have a large seasonal influenza clinic it would be advisable, when setting up your appointment rotas, to make sure you don’t have more than 500 appointments in any one rota.)

Right click on the rota header and select Actions > Vaccination Clinic

Deselect any patients that did not actually have the vaccination.

You will then be prompted to select your 'Vaccination Template'

Add 'Event Details' by selecting the event template and click 'Apply Template'

The first patient on the list is retrieved (their demographic details will appear in a box on the top right‑hand side of the screen) and the Apply Vaccination Template dialog is displayed. If the patient already has a vaccination recorded, a yellow box is displayed next to the Batch number and Expiry date fields, showing the date it was recorded. Click Ok to record the patient as having been given this vaccination.

The next patient on the list is retrieved automatically and the same procedure should be followed. When details have been added to the records of all patients, the system will inform you how many vaccinations were administered in total. Click Ok to acknowledge the message and conclude the clinic.

If you click Cancel on the Apply Vaccination Template dialog, you will be given the opportunity to carry on recording vaccinations for the rest of the patients or to cancel the rest of the clinic. The vaccinations you have recorded so far will have been saved in the relevant patient records and the system will tell you the total number of vaccinations administered. 

Consider checking one or two patient records to confirm that the vaccination details have been recorded successfully.

The 'Vaccination Clinic' bulk action can also be used from the Ad Hoc Patient List report. This can be found in Reporting > Miscellaneous Reports > Ad Hoc Patient List. Here you can add patients to the list one-by-one as they come in for the vaccination. Once you have your list of all patients who had a vaccination, you can select the patients, right-click and select Actions > Vaccination Clinic and follow the steps above to record the vaccinations. This option is sometimes preferred where a surgery has an open clinic for flu as it won't result in a patient having an appointment entry with a date/time stored in the appointments node in their records.