Drug Review Template

The drug review template can be accessed by clicking theicon on the bottom right of all the templates. On this template there are various useful fields to complete, along with links to other useful templates and resources including a Polypharmacy Review. At the bottom is a view of the patients current and previous medications. If you right click any of these medications you will then have options including how to amend, stop or issue the medication.

Drug Alerts

If the patient hasicon under their name, hover over this to see the specific drug alert for that patient.

This could be to review, reduce, increase, start or stop a medication, for example:

?Review ACE/ARB as K+ >5.5

?Reduce apixaban if for AF as >80y and creatinine >133

?Increase rivaroxaban if for AF as eGFR >50

?Start betablocker as has CHF

?Stop COCP as >35y + smoker

Clicking on this alert icon will open the Drug Review template where you will see the alert in the view at the bottom of the template. If you click the button called 'Alerts' in the bottom right, this template will show you a list of all the alerts that the patient will have been checked against.

You can also look at all the reports behind these alerts by going to Clinical Reporting > Ardens > Best Practice.