There are many occasions when practice staff repetitively record similar information. To work more efficiently it can be helpful to have an 'Event Details Template' setup. 

You must ensure that you record the other organisation correctly though otherwise these may still appear in any your FP34 reports.  Every pharmacy has an organisation (ODS) code, you have to search for the pharmacy as an organisation using the ODS code to record it properly which then excludes vaccination given elsewhere from the FP34 report.

If you don't know the ODS code you can find it here (please note that you must be logged onto a secure N3 network to access this link).


Go to  Setup > Data Entry > Event Details Templates - New Template. Complete all appropriate fields,  give it a name and click ok. 

Now when you record something from a template for example you can click on 'Other Details'  


(Or use the button on the toolbar)

Which takes you to this window where you can select your 'Event Details Template', but you must click on 'Apply Template' to force the changes. Whatever you record until you next save will be recorded with these details.