Reviewing routine referrals before they are sent can help assist in the referral process. This is also sometimes a contractual requirement in some CCGs. The following steps will show you have you can easily mark a referral review as needed, and then record the review at a later date.

Step 1 – Review Needed

The referrer initially generates the referral letter but clicks ‘Save for future editing’ and opens the ‘Referral Review' template. There is a link to this template on the ‘Home’ & ‘Routine’ tab of the ‘Communications’ template (orange arrow icon ). The referrer can then click on the ‘Referral Review Task’ to send a task to a specific person or group.

Step 2 – Review Done

The referral reviews can be done by a 'Referral Buddy' ad hoc or by a 'Referral Group' during a clinical meeting. To find referrals that need reviewing, go to tasks and find your ‘Referral Reviews’. Then open the patient’s record and complete the ‘Referral Review’ part of the template. You can add this template to your F12 Favourites for quick access too. The 'Referral Buddy' or 'Referral Group' can then either send the task back to the initial referrer or may continue to complete the final step themselves.

Step 3 - Review Outcome

The referral outcome decision for whether the referral is needed or cancelled can be done by either the person generating the initial referral or by the 'Referral Buddy' or 'Group' above.

Clinical Reports

To see the number of reviews done, go to Clinical Reporting > Ardens > Contracts Referral Review : DNA / Done / Needed / Cancelled / Rejected