The LES templates ensure all your service specifications & templates are all in one place. This saves you hunting in folders for this & wasting valuable time. All you need to do is email us a copy of your service specifications and we'll do the rest.

To access the templates, go to Auto consultations > Ardens Contracts. 

A yellow star will be present next to any payment field on a consultation template. At present it is not possible to localise this for specific areas or CCGs. We have, however, put in a development request to SystmOne to allow us to make the yellow star active or inactive depending on whether it is a payment field specifically for your CCG or area. Clicking the yellow star at the bottom right of the template will however open your local LES templates with the service specifications on.

Ardens also provides the appropriate contract reports too. To see these, go to Clinical Reporting > Ardens > Contracts

Please note: Sometimes a number of read codes exist which have the same meaning, for example ‘asthma review’ and 'asthma monitoring’. If you have a CCG or Public Health Department who reports on your data on your behalf, they will need to include the code that is used on Ardens. This should be simple for them to do and is no different to how QOF read code clusters work. If any assistance is needed for this, please let us know. To see a list of the read codes that are used on Ardens for payment purposes, please see here