This article covers the new pilot Medical Examiner Referral process.  We explain where the referral process can be found, how to access the ME Referral form along with the fields that are required to complete the ME Referral form.

The Medical Examiner Referral process can be found in the Death Documentation template.  This can be located under Auto Consultation > Ardens CONDITIONS C to D > Death Documentation.

Clicking on the Medical Examiner Referral tab at the top of the Death Documentation template will take you into referral process and can be used by any Practice that is taking part in the pilot phase.  Like the Cremation form, completing the applicable areas within the template will then auto populate the ME Referral Form.  

Please note: There is currently no national Medical Examiner Referral Form. The Ardens Medical Examiner Form has been carefully designed with the input of many early adopters of this process to comprehensively auto populate all the information that should be required by the Medical Examiner to complete their scrutiny swiftly. 

Using this template will cut down on any mistakes or missing information that may create potential delays to the release of an MCCD.

What Death Documentation template fields are pulled through into the Medical Examiner Referral Form?

As well as the usual patient, practice details and the last 3 months of journal entries merge fields, the form will also pull through fields within the Death Documentation template such as:

Verification of Death Tab

The verifier name & role section as found halfway down the Verification tab as above.

Details of Death Tab

On the Details of Death tab, the below areas are included in the ME referral Form:

  • Date of death and time
  • Place of Death
  • Nursed in last illness by
  • Person present at death
  • Persons concerns at death
  • Previous occupation
  • Next of kin aware of death

Medical Examiner Referral Tab

On the Medical Examiner Referral tab the following fields are added into the ME Referral Form:

  • Date last seen by certifying Doctor
  • GMC no of certifying Doctor
  • Reasons for concluding the cause of death
  • Problems identified with care
  • Death
  • Proposed cause of death: 1a
  • Proposed cause of death: 1b
  • Proposed cause of death: 1c
  • Proposed cause of death: 2
  • Contact details of Doctor completing the referral
  • Contact details of relative expecting ME call
  • Relationship of above person to deceased
  • Practice contact details for admin queries

Creating the ME Referral Form

To create the ME Referral Form, click on the ME Referral Form Shortcut button on the Medical Examiner Referral tab in the middle of the screen.  When selected, click write now, which will open the mail merged ME Referral form.  Once completed remember to save final version.

Please note:  To make sure all current data that has been added to the form, click OK at the bottom of the template and then reopen.  Clicking on the ME Referral form will bring through the updated merge fields.