Please watch this webinar starting at 25 minutes for an overview of the IIF updates and Ardens resources. 

Ardens Resources for managing the Investment and Impact Fund 2024-25

For 2024-25, there are 2 indicators as part of the IIF. These are:

- Learning Disability Health Checks (>14, Health Check done, Action Plan done, Ethnicity recorded).

- Lower GI Fast Track Referrals (with FIT result recorded in 21 days leading up to referral).


There are a reports to monitor activity and look for missing work towards the contract requirements. These are found in folder Ardens Ltd> Contracts | 2024 25 | IIF.  The subfolders are listed below followed by the relevant screenshots. 

IIF Work done - this will give the figures for your organisations work towards each indicator. 

IIF Work to do - this report gives you an idea of remaining LD health checks to complete. 

IIF Work to do | Partial - these reports complement the LD health check work to do reports, providing an idea of where a health check may have been completed but the appropriate coding is incomplete. 

IIF Data Quality - this folder helps with data issues across either indicator, for example where a non-contract FIT code has been recorded and needs to be amended, or coding duplication. 

IIF Registers - these reports give you your register for either indicator.  


The relevant coding for the Learning Disability Health Checks and FIT requirements can be found on the following templates. The blue stars with pound symbol indicate where a payment code is required for IIF achievement. 

Note: For most organisations, the qFIT box should be automatically populated based on the result being electronically filed into the patient's record through your pathology workflow. This will only need to be manually inputted if the linked lab uses a different code when sending these result types.