QOF and IIF Code Group Updates

TPP updated the code groups in SystmOne overnight on Tuesday 13th Feb 2024 to bring them in line with the latest TRUD release (50.0.0). Please see below for an update on the impact of this.

Medications not being recognised in various QOF indicators

The NHS Dictionary of Medicines and Devices (DM+D) is a database that maps medicines to SNOMED codes. It is updated regularly, and recently a large number of medicines were mapped to new SNOMED codes. Patients who were correctly prescribed medication and were achieving QOF indicators were then flagged as no longer achieving these indicators.

The following QOF indicators were affected but this may have affected others too:

  • AF008
  • CHD005
  • CHOL001
  • DM006
  • DM022
  • DM023 
  • HF003
  • HF006
  • STIA007

Our understanding is that this may have already been resolved in SystmOne so may no longer be an issue.


COPD014 - Pulmonary Rehabilitation referrals

In December the "Pulmonary rehabilitation offered" code was removed from the "PULREHABOFF_COD" code cluster. This meant patients who were only coded with "Pulmonary rehabilitation offered" were no longer achieving COPD014 (COPD014 is a count of the number of patients referred for pulmonary rehabilitation so ‘’Referral to pulmonary rehabilitation’ is the only achievement code for the indicator).

‘‘Pulmonary rehabilitation declined’’ has now been added into the ‘’PULRHBPU_COD’’ code cluster so will now work as a personalised care adjustment (exception). This means any patients coded with ‘‘Pulmonary rehabilitation declined’’ will now be removed from the denominator population for COPD014.

A new report for this has been added on Ardens SystmOne and can be found under Clinical Reporting > Contracts | 2023 24 | QOF | Data Quality > COPD014 - ?Review as pulmonary rehab offered and not referred or declined

All Ardens SystmOne templates have been updated where appropriate to ensure the correct coding is used.


Learning Disability (LD) Register

In December the Learning Disability Register "LD_COD" code cluster was updated. GP practices may have noticed that some patients without LD had appeared on their QOF LD Register. This may have also impacted IIF achievement for relevant LD indicators (HI003), and also other areas that use this register.

The LD_COD group no longer includes any codes that will put a patient on the LD register incorrectly so you may have seen a reduction in the number of patients on your LD register.

We have added some further reports to highlight patients you may wish to review which can be found under Clinical Reporting > Contracts | 2023 24 | QOF | Data Quality > LD004

Please remember: It is not possible to remove a patient from the LD register by adding a code. If you have any patients you believe should not be on the register then you need to review the original diagnosis code to ensure this was recorded correctly and in the right context. For example, we are aware ‘’Dysequilibrium syndrome’’ is placing patients on the register, this is a rare genetic disease but may have been used to code more general dizziness or similar. You may wish to replace the code with a more general non-LD code.

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