To Use the Health and Wellbeing Coach template click on Auto-Consultation - ardens OTHER PROFFESSIONAL - Health Coach.

You can also add this template to your F12 favourites launcher for more convenience.

This template is split between different tabs; Home, Overview, Review, Activities of Daily Living, health and notes.

Home Tab

This tab allows you to record details from drop down boxes regarding the patients encounter such as referral codes, Source, Failed encounter, seen by, online services and consent to access medical records.

Please Note: the Seen By option has a blue star to the left of the code, this signifies that this is a National Code linked to the ARRS PCN DES reports and is suggested to add during each encounter completed by a Health and Wellbeing Coach. 

Overview Tab

This tab is split between 3 sections; Assessment, Signposting and Management.


This section allows to you record up to 3 Problems Identified codes on the patients record along with setting goals, general Wellbeing codes, the PAM level if applicable and links to the ONS4 and WEMWBS scores. A notes option with a presets notes button to the right can also be used to add any additional notes during the assessment.


This section has codes and links on the left hand side to signposting codes foe Emergency services, Practice staff, Elderly Service, healthcare service, Lifestyle service and mental wellbeing service.


This section allows you to record 2 advice codes along with codes for personal health budget, Shared decision making, PCSP, referral codes to other services, social prescribing referral codes and follow up codes.  Each of these codes have shortcuts to useful templates on the right hand side.

Review Tab

This tab is split into 3 sections; Details, Signposting and plan.  These sections give you an opportunity to give a more thorough patient review with a few more options than in the Overview tab with more review options under the Details sections such as reviewing the last session , and new issues and goals review and focus. Each of these options have a little preset note button to the right which allows you to select a number of preset notes.

Lifestyle Tab

This tab covers the option to code any lifestyle areas that maybe useful for your patient.  These are Alcohol, Diet, Exercise, Smoking and Weight. Clicking on any of these options will present you with previous codes added on the right hand side to compare previous results to the current being recorded.

Activities of Daily Living Tab

This tab has drop down boxes that cover a variety of codes to assess the patients daily living including carer details, employment, housing, medication, parenting, transport, finance and signposting.  Any previous codes added will appear on the right hand side if useful.

Health Tab

This tab allows you to record free text assessment notes of the patients Physical and mental health. along with some useful vitals.

Notes Tab

Any additional notes that need to be recorded can be done from this tab such as patient goals, discussion about support, plans and link to various scored assessments.