Issuing an oestrogen prescription without progesterone is a risk to patient safety for women with an intact uterus. Due to many national HRT shortages, the prescribing of separate oestrogen and progesterone has risen considerably, and patients are often confused about the regime and only order the oestrogen component from their repeat medication list. 

We have created a ‘pop-up’ alert that will remind the member of staff issuing the prescription for the Oestrogen product to check that Progesterone has also been issued or to book the patient for a review if this is more appropriate.

We have also created a report that can be run on all patients in the practice to identify any that may have been ordering their Oestrogen prescription without the Progesterone. This can be found in: 

Clinical reporting> Arden’s Ltd > Prescribing | Alerts > Women’s Health> On oestrogen + progesterone not issued in last 3 months.