To complete a HMP Older Person Assessment, go to Auto Consultation - ardens OTHER PROFESSIONALS - HMP TEMPLATES.

This template is split between 8 tabs; Home, General Health, Memory & Mood, Alcohol, Smoking, Daily Life, Medication and Planning Ahead.

The Home tab has both the invitation and review codes.

The General Health tab has vital numeric codes along with an opportunity to add any free text information for any cardiovascular, respiratory, gastro, genitourinary, neuromuscular and skin information. Please Note:  If there is no problem with the conditions, please make sure you tick None tick box on the right hand side of each condition and not write non in the applicable free text box.

The Memory & Mood Tab has the initial memory test codes along with the 6-CIT Scored Assessment, which if completed will calculate the 6-CIT Score.  Other memory scores are also available by clicking on the other memory scores short cut button.  Mood screening is also available at the bottom of the screen along with an option to record the at risk state.

The Alcohol and Smoking tabs are also allow you to record and assessment for the patient and if relevant the outcome of each of these options.

The Daily Life tab allows you to record activity and personal care, complete a frailty and falls assessment along with diet and finance assessment options.

The Medication tab allows you to complete a drug review with drop down boxes allowing you to code the review area along with a plan section for any intervention, advice and notes.

The Planning Ahead tab has links to the patients professional and family relationships, the opportunity to complete a future care plan and record a follow up.  Goals, action plans and referrals can also be completed in this final stage as well if necessary.  

A summary report can also be created from the Planning Ahead tab at the very bottom.  However, bring through todays information into the summary report, either click ok or suspend on the template, then reopen the HMP Older Person Assessment to print out a summary of todays events.