To complete a HMP Health Check go to Auto - Consultations - Ardens OTHER PROFESSIONALS - HMP Templates.

The HMP Prison Template has tabs along the top of the template allowing the clinician to assess the patients alcohol, smoking, physical activity, memory and Cardiovascular Assessment.

On the first tab there is the opportunity to code the NHS Health Check Assessment and also links at the bottom of the page to go to the NHS Health Check Invite template and the HMP Older Person Assessment.

Alcohol Tab

This tab is split between Assessment and Outcome sections.  In the Assessment section you can use the Alcohol Screen - AUDIT PC scored assessment, this section also has a link to the SystmOne Weekly Alcohol Intake template and an area to code alcohol weekly and daily numerics. In the Outcome section you can provide the patient with a leaflet if required along with referral options and goals if applicable.

Smoking Tab

This is split into 2 sections; Assessment and Outcome.  In the Assessment section there are drop down boxes to record the patients smoking status and e-cigarette codes.  There is also an opportunity to record some smoking notes along with adding the numeric pack years code.  There is also a shortcut to the SystmOne Smoker Life Expectancy template. The Outcome section has an option to provide a leaflet along with advice, referral and goals options if applicable.

Weight, diet and Physical Activity Tab

This tab contains 2 sections; Assessment and Outcome.  The Assessment section has numerics for Weight, Height, BMI and Waist Circumference along with a link to the SystmOne BMI calculator.  There are also drop down boxes for Diet Type, Diet Quality, Exercise and a link to the SystmOne GPPAQ Physical Activity Index.  The Outcome section has a link to a weight leaflet along with diet advice and referral codes along with the same for exercise.  Goals can also be added at the bottom if required.

Memory Tab

The Memory Tab has the Awareness raised about Dementia code along with a leaflet if required.

Health Advice Tab

Although not part of a formal Health check, there is also an opportunity to make sure that the patient is aware of certain cancer screening advice options along with useful handouts if applicable.

Cardiovascular Assessment Tab

This tab allows the clinician to record the patients BP Pulse Rate, Rhythm Family History and Ethnicity.  

There is also a section to record Blood tests such as Cholesterol, Blood Glucose and HbA1c.  A CVD Risk assessment can also be completed along with a link to the QRISK2 template.  The Outcome of the assessment can then be recorded under this section.  Any referral and goals can also be recorded if necessary.

Summary Tab

This tab allows the clinician to print out a word document containing the findings recorded today for the patient to take away with them.  Please Note: to make sure that the document contains todays results make sure you wither suspend or click ok on the template and then re-open, doing this will ensure that all of todays information is on the record and therefore added to the leaflet.