The template can be located in the following ways:

  • Auto-Consultation > ardens CONDITIONS DERMATOLOGY > Eczema
  • Use the bottom left search bar in SystmOne

If using on a regular basis, save to F12 favourites for quick access.


DLQI - Dermatology Life Quality Index 

This is a scored assessment, complete the questionnaire then add the score in to the DLQI box available.  Any historical scores will display in the yellow pane to the right of the template.


There are many diagnosis codes to choose from, some of which are QOF.  Recording the patients condition is optional.


The plan free text box has preset text available alongside to save some typing.

Click on the preset button (notepad icon) and add 1 or multiple lines of text by pressing & holding Ctrl on the keyboard and using mouse to select. The text can be edited once added to the template.

Tick the appropriate boxes to record advice given.  As with all other Ardens templates there are links to other templates for you to select if needed.  This saves having to close the current template and search for/reopen another.


Formularies for prescribing Atopy medications, Emollients, Corticosteroids or Antibiotics are available. 

Care Plan

This is available as a Word document to print out.  It will auto-populate with moisturisers/steroids prescribed. You may need to close the template and re-launch before opening the care plan.


Provides guidance on referral criteria.


Contains links for information that can be copied and sent to a patient via text/email