The template can be located in the following ways:

  • Auto-Consultation > ardens PROCEUDRES and CONSENT FORMS > Vaginal Pessary
  • Use the bottom left search bar in SystmOne
  • Via the General Consultation template (Genitourinary tab > Procedures)

If using on a regular basis, save to F12 favourites for quick access

The template is split across 6 tabs along the top dependant on the type of appointment.  Navigate to the required tab.


Pre-pessary rx has a link to the Topical HRT formulary for prescribing topical oestrogen to treat vaginal atrophy as necessary. Select the Topicals tab at the top of the template.

Discussed allows you to quickly doucment advice given, use the pencil icon alongside the tick box to add your own text.


There are hyperlinks to or RCOG to provide a leaflet for the patient.  Click the link, once the webpage has opened you can either copy the URL to forward by text/email or print the information.

The formulary link will navigate to the Formulary tab at the top of the template if needing to order the pessary at this stage.

TIP: To return to the previous page, use the tabs along the top of the template.  Clicking Ok will close the template. 


The Follow-Up template shows any pending appointments/visits, outstanding tasks, SystmOne recalls etc. There is a link to the Appointment Ledger, creating a task etc. if needing to arrange a follow-up appointment. 

New Insertion


Yellow Stars indicate codes required for Local Enhanced Service payments if applicable in your area.

Both the free text boxes for ring pessary insertion type and shelf pessary insertion type have presets available alongside to save a bit of typing

Click on the preset button (notepad icon) and use mouse to select the required text. Press & hold Ctrl on your keyboard to select multiple lines of text. The text can be edited once added to the template. 

Record the Batch No. & Expiry Date in the box provided and name of assistant or record if chaperone present/not available etc.


The plan free text box also has a preset available, click on the notepad icon as above.

There is a Ring Pessary Information Sheet available as a Word document to print out and complete.

Review + Replacement 

This tab is to record the removal and replacement of the pessary during the same appointment. The layout of this section follows the same format as the New Insertion section.

Ensure the appropriate box indicated with a Yellow Star is ticked, which is necessary for any Local Enhanced Services payments and are also linked to reports.



Ensure the appropriate box indicated with a Yellow Star is ticked, which is necessary for any Local Enhanced Services payments and are also linked to reports.


Generate the prescription by clicking the required type and size of pessary.


There are a number of reports to identify patients who have had a pessary inserted, removed or renewed.

Go to Clinical Reporting > select the Ardens Ltd folder > Contracts | 2022 23 | Local Contracts >

(select the relevant month or quarter)

Or simply to find Vaginal Pessaries in the last month:

Go to Clinical Reporting > select the Ardens Ltd folder > Procedures > Vaginal Pessaries