This template is based on the latest NICE and CKS guidance to help guide correct treatment choices.

The template can be located in the following ways:

  • Auto-Consultation > ardens CONDITIONS INFECTIONS > UTI - Child
  • Use the bottom left search bar in SystmOne
  • Via the General Consultations template (genitourinary tab)

If using on a regular basis, save to F12 favourites for quick access.


The template provides correct dosing for varying age ranges in children and also provides links to other useful templates you may need whilst using this template such as Urinalysis, USS Criteria, CSE Risk and Urine MC+S whilst also being able to document action taken.

As with all Ardens formulary templates the window or view at the bottom also shows any allergies & sensitivities, current and relevant previous medications.  This allows you to also re-issue or re-prescribe from this list with a right click.


Simply click the button for the appropriate age to prescribe the medication as an acute script. Print buttons are available in the bottom right of the template.


As shown the liquid suspension is greyed out due to high cost, in order to prescribe the medication if needed, simply tick the box to the right.

The weight field will show all historical data in the yellow pane to the right side of the template when clicked in to the box.  Simply type in to the box to record new data. If adding in stones & pounds, SystmOne will convert to kilograms automatically.  e.g. for a child that weighs 7 stone and 4 pounds, type as 7s4, press enter to convert.

Windows calculator is also available next to this.

The blue section at the bottom will show previous eGFR results for the patient. If needed there is a link to the Phlebotomy template over to the right if needing to add a request for bloods or view any other blood results for the patient.


There are a number of reports to identify patients with a recent UTI and where antibiotics were issued / not issued.

Go to Clinical Reporting > select the Ardens Ltd folder > Conditions infections > Activity last 3 months