The Urinalysis template can be found under Auto Consultation ARDENS Nurses and HCA > Urinalysis.

If you wish to save this template as one of your favourites, please follow the F12 Launcher guide for more information.

The Urinalysis template is split into 5 sections: Specimen, Dipstick, Pregnancy, Biochemistry and Microbiology.


This section will allow you to record that the specimen has been received, along with a drop off form, drop off template, task button to aware a clinician of the sample and some useful weblinks.  For more information regarding this section, please see our Urinalysis (Admin) Support Article.  


This section allows you to record the results of the dipstick.  Drop down boxes are available to record the sample, appearance, leucocytes, nitrites, urobilinogen, protein, pH, blood, gravity, bilirubin and glucose.  A link to our Haematuria template to the right of the bloods code if required.


This section has a drop down box allowing you to code a urine pregnancy test.


In this section you can code that an ACR has been sent, along with a numerical reading option to code and also a drop down box to record the result findings.  The Bence Jones protein and 24hr urine volume tick boxes are also available if applicable.


In this section an MSU sent code can be added along with any follow up codes. to the right of this bottom section are shortcuts to do into the Urine MC+S template, a New Electronic Pathology Request shortcut button and the contact button to update the patient details.  a word document Lab Form and LabelTrace shortcut button is also available.