To locate the template use the bottom left search bar in SystmOne.

To save this template as a favourite add to F12 favourites for quick access. 

If the patient has a smoker code without a more recent ex-smoker code there will be a smoker icon  displayed in the demographics box below the patients name & address.  Click to open the template.

  • Red Stars - QOF requirements
  • Blue Stars - National Enhanced Services requirements

Record appropriate Smoking status, to the right is a link to the SystmOne Smoker Life Expectancy tool for convenience.  Complete the boxes at the top and the cigarette drawings below change to show Life expectancy with continued cigarette consumption compared to Life expectancy if quit smoking now.

Add Consumption per day - the blue Calculator hyperlink alongside opens the Smoking pack years website for you to calculate.  Add the figure in to the Pack Years box.

There is a whole section for E-cigarette use and includes links to websites to report suspected side effects or safety concerns to the Yellow Card Scheme and

The Cannabis drop down menu also has a link to the Ardens Substance Misuse template if you wish to record more detail or add any other misuse of drugs.


The resources hyperlink navigates to the Resources tab of the template (see below for further information).

The Advice and Referral drop downs will only be active if you have coded the patient with a smoking code. These will be unavailable to select if coded as an ex-smoker or non-smoker.

Follow-Up will show any current booked appointments/visits, outstanding Tasks & any Recalls.  If needing to book a further appointment there is a link to the Appointment Ledger, Creating a Task, adding a new Recall etc.  

The Lifestyle Wellbeing leaflet is a Word document listing services in the local area (if using Ardens Pro package) or national services the patient can contact themselves.

Below is a link to the Ardens Stop Smoking Clinic template if needed and the Smoking Cessation Formulary to prescribe any Nicotine Replacement Therapy or Zyban.

The Red star in the bottom right corner links to the QOF Smoking template for the current year and will list QOF indicators and Exception codes. Also outstanding QOF alerts for the patient.


Contains links with information that can be sent to a patient via text/email by copying & pasting the link in to Send Message. 


There are numerous reports for smoking:

Go to Clinical Reporting > select the Ardens Ltd folder > Contracts | 2022 23 (or CFY) | Local Contracts >  Work to do 

All Work to do - Record Smoking advice

All Work to do - Smoking status


Ardens Ltd folder > Lifestyle >

Smoking | Data Quality

Smoking | Performance Indicators

Smoking | Registers