Ardens have created a template to support practices with the assessment of children aged both under 5 and over 5 years who present with symptoms of feverish illness.  


This template is aimed at guiding appropriate management of fever in children. The text within the template is colour coded as per NICE traffic light guidance with red, amber and green flags. Red flags should prompt consideration of immediate admission to hospital.

To access the template go to Auto-Consultation > ardens PRESENTATIONS > Feverish Child 

This template can also be saved by adding to F12 favourites for quick access.

The template has been broken down by pages on the left-hand side or tabs along the top. Navigate to the page required.


The Home tab displays a summary of Allergies & Sensitivities and Medications. There is also a field to record type of Encounter and Seen by code.

Child < 5y

This page is split between three sections Assessment, Impression and Management


There are presets available along side the History, Examination and Serious cause free text boxes for frequently typed text, click on the preset button (notepad icon) and add 1 or multiple lines of text by pressing & holding Ctrl on the keyboard and using mouse to select. 

The text can be edited once added to the template.

To the right of the page, there is a section to easily record observations of Temp, BP, HR, Respiratory Rate, Blood Oxygen Saturation and Capillary Refill Time.  Clicking into any of these fields will display any historical data in the yellow pane to the right side of the template.

Below these are links to other useful templates for Sepsis risk stratification, Immunisations with a view to all childhood imms given/declined etc.

These shortcuts will save you having to exit the current template and either open a new template or go to another area of SystmOne.

Serious Illness

This template outlines the red and amber flags for the observations. Red flags should prompt consideration for immediate admission to hospital; amber flags suggest the child is at intermediate risk. 


Ticking any of the green, amber or red boxes in this section will automatically highlight the appropriate steps in the Management section below which are 'greyed out' until the relevant boxes are ticked within Impression.


The Management page enables the clinician to document the plan of action for the patient, as well as noting the advice given to the parent or carer. 

To the right of the tick boxes there are various blue hyperlinks which will either redirect you to another area of the template (Resources and Causes) or to the website link for information on Kawasaki Disease.

This section contains links with information that can be sent to a parent/guardian via text/email by copying & pasting the link in to Send Message.  There are also links to Professional resources.

Other templates available here are Follow up, Urinalysis, Communications (local referral forms if using Ardens Pro package)