To access the template select Auto-Consultation > ardens CONDITIONS A to B select ADHD.  

If the patient has a current diagnosis, the template can be accessed by clicking the ADHD icon 
within the demographics box under patients name & address.

To save this template as a favourite add to F12 favourites for quick access.

The template has the following tabs available; Home, Diagnosis, Review, Referral, and Resources.


The Home tab displays a summary of relevant patient medical history and any outstanding work relating to contracts/payment. Please see our Home Page Support Guide for more information.


The Diagnosis tab has a drop down to add relevant QOF diagnosis code. 

The scored assessments Adult ADHD Self-Report Scale & ADHD Wender Utah Rating Scale are also available. 


The Review Tab is split between three sections Assessment, Impression and Management.  


The Assessment section has a tick box to code an ADHD annual review (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder annual review XaVw9).

Note: Any yellow stardenotes coding required for Local Enhanced Services and will need to be ticked for payment purposes.

As on the diagnosis tab the scored assessments Adult ADHD Self-Report Scale & ADHD Wender Utah Rating Scale are available along with PHQ scores.

Vitals & Lifestyle is a useful link to capture vitals such as BP, HR etc. and lifestyle factors for smoking status, alcohol consumption etc. 

There is a numeric field to code BP, clicking into this field will also display any historical data in the yellow pane on the right of the template.


The Impression section allows you to select the relevant code for patients current condition.


There are presets available along side the Plan free text box for frequently typed text, click on the preset button (notepad icon) and add 1 or multiple lines of text by pressing & holding Ctrl on the keyboard and using mouse to select. The text can be edited once added to the template.

The IAPT drop down contains signposting/referral or declined codes.

The Mental Wellbeing Leaflet is available to print as a Word document.

There is a link to the Med3 & Letters template if you need to generate or view Med3 certificates.

The Social prescribing drop down contains signposting/referral or declined codes with a direct link to the Social Prescribing template.


Links to ADHD Formulary for prescribing.

Blue hyperlinks in bottom left corner for links to CKS/NICE guidance.


The Referral tab provides criteria for referral.  

If using Ardens Pro package, relevant referral forms may be available within the Orange Arrow icon which appears in the Patient Demographics box.  For more detail please click here. 


Contains links with information that can be sent to a patient via SMS/email by copying & pasting the link into Send Message.


There is a register for those coded with ADHD within Reporting > Clinical Reporting > click on the Ardens Ltd Conditions | Mental Health > Registers.

For prescribing reports go to:

Prescribing > Alerts | Mental Health and also Monitoring | Mental Health