There are situations where staff would like to be alerted to something in the patient record with a pop-up warning. These are usually based on a report and can be linked to an existing Ardens report.

When a new protocol is published to an organisation group on SystmOne it is by default published as 'active'. For this reason, and to avoid popup fatigue, Ardens avoid creating multiple pop-ups. If your GP practice or organisation wishes to have a pop-up for a specific Ardens report, please follow the simple steps below to create a pop-up of your own.

CAUTION: Please be aware that if you have multiple active pop-ups on your SystmOne unit, especially if filtered to large reports, this can cause performance issues on SystmOne when opening a patient record.

To create a pop-up

1. Create a new Protocol Go to 'Setup > Workflow Support > Protocols' and click 'New Protocol'.

2. Details - Give the protocol a name, category and select an icon to be used. 

3. Trigger - Tick 'Allow this protocol to be launched automatically' and then you will see additional settings where you can restrict it to specific staff members if you wish.

4. Filters - Click the report search button and select the existing Ardens report, for example '?CT/USS for possible pancreatic cancer as >60y + new DM + no weight (in last 3y)'

5. Design - Select 'Information' on the left panel and double click the 'Information' box that appears. Then record the pop-up message that you wish, click ok and link it to the Start box.

6. Save and publish - Once complete, save, check and publish your protocol / pop-up locally.