The Familial Hypercholesterolaemia template can be found under Auto consultations - ardens CONDITIONS CARDIOVASCULAR - Familial Hypercholesterolaemia.

Home Tab

The home Tab gives you a good overview of the patients previous information recorded that is relevant for FH including useful vitals, care plans and medication.

Diagnosis Tab

This tab allows you to record the applicable Diagnosis code for the patient along with links to the Hyperlipidaemia template and the Simon Boome FH Screening scored assessment and the Dutch Lipid Clinic Network Score (DLCNS).

Review Tab

The Review tab is split into 2 sections Review and Management. 

In the Review section, a dropdown box is available to choose the applicable Monitoring or Review codes along with the coding of any useful Vitals including shortcut buttons to the BP monitoring template and the HBPM Diary.  Any information related to the patient regarding CHD, CHF, PAD, Kidneys, Mood, Memory, Smoking and Weight and Height can also be added along with links to applicable templates if necessary on the right hand side.

Please note: The Red Stars are the QOF codes and the Yellow Stars are the Local Enhanced Services Codes

The Management section allows you to record any lifestyle and advice codes along with Patient Goals and medication review codes and a link to the relevant drug formulary.  At the end of the Review tab a care plan can also be created if necessary.

Please Note: The care plan will only auto-populate with the information you have just entered if you click 'OK' to the template first - then re-open the template and click on the care plan, this will then open Word and populate the relevant merge fields.

Notes Tab

If any History, Examination or Plan notes need to be recorded into the patients record the Notes tab allows you to free text information into the patients record. 

Online Tab

This will allow you to add any Online codes along with patient questionnaires

Resources Tab

For access to any patient resources for FH, go into the resources tab and either print / text or email resources direct to the patient.