Last review date 03/02/2023

The development of Teams replacing User Groups within SystmOne has presented an issue whereby it is no longer possible to have a Quick Action button to create a task with a predefined recipient and type.

The solution to this issue is to make use of task templates. This has the advantage that the template can contain any wording you wish and has the ability to add flags to the task. The downside is the task template can't be published centrally and thus will need to be created locally. 

For the initial setup, you will need to create the relevant templates. this can be done by going to ' Setup > Data Entry > Task Templates'.

From there you can see all created templates and have the ability to create new ones. 

You need to select the title and icon for the template. This is what will be seen in the pick list by the user. 

For the creation of the task, you can then select the Recipient, this can be a specific user or team. Then you can set the normal task elements of category, status, flag and the main body of the task.

Once created, these templates are available on all tasks and can be accessed by clicking on 'Apply Template' at the top of the task screen. Then just select the template you wish to use.