Last review date 09/01/2024

The CAS Alerts template can be found under Auto-Consultation>ardens GENERAL or by searching in the bottom left-hand corner of SystmOne.  It is intended that this template be accessed on a test patient to see clinical alerts and updates.  If you access this on a 'real' patient, the alerts thought to be relevant to that person will be enabled.

CAS and MHRA Alerts are listed and you can see a summary of recent national alerts.  There is a link to the report in SystmOne and a weblink to the publication. The report can then be run to see lists of patients that may need to be reviewed.

Alternatively, the batch of reports relevant to primary care can be found in Clinical Reporting > Ardens > CAS and MHRA.

The CAS alert reports are designed to be run soon after the alert has been published, and action taken at that point. The report doesn't generally have the functionality to remove patients from the search results, however if there is an ongoing clinical issue, we will publish the same report in the relevant Prescribing Alerts folder.  On these occasions, there is likely to be a relevant read code so it would be possible to remove the patients from the Prescribing Alert report.