Should you wish to upload, remove, or amend a document we hold in our documents library, the process will differ depending on who funds your contract. If you are unsure of how your contract is funded, please email

Please send the document as a Word document, rather than a PDF. Once we confirm receipt of the form, we will send it to our respective EMIS and S1 teams for processing. Typically, clinically urgent forms such as 2 week wait referrals, rapid access and Covid forms are actioned within 5 working days. All other routine forms are actioned with 20 working days. For further information, please see our Key Performance Indicators.


For contracts funded by individual practices and PCNs

Please send your requests to our main document team email address, providing confirmation from the service provider or CCG that the change is up to date and relevant CCG wide. A ‘forwarded on’ email trail from the service provider or the CCG is sufficient.  


As Ardens manage forms at a CCG level, something applicable to your practice may not be relevant to another practice within the CCG. Therefore, we follow this procedure, to ensure all clinicians have access to the form set relevant to them.


For contracts funded by the CCG or a higher governing body

The majority of our CCG wide contracts have a ‘CCG Client lead team’ in place. This is a person/team you can send your requests to. They can check and approve your request and then forward on to us to upload, remove or amend the form as appropriate. If your practice is funded by a CCG and you are unsure of who your client lead is – please contact our main document team email We will be happy to assist you in directing your request to the right place. 


Once the form is with the CCG client lead for their consideration, we must await their approval before proceeding with the request.