Last review date 03/02/2023

The support team frequently receives queries relating to issues reporting on activity completed at a hub. 

All of the Ardens payment and activity reports are built based on specifications/business rules which usually state for the event details to be activities done 'here' and include specific registration types.  Therefore the data returned in the reports will not display if; 

  • You are running the reports at a hub or any organisation where the patient isn't registered 
  • You are running the reports at a different organisation to where the activity was recorded

To report on Hub data to see activity across your practices you can either look at using Ardens Manager or create copies of the Ardens (or other) reports and amend these settings below.

1. Select the report you need and on the toolbar click 'Copy'. 

The first setting to amend is the 'Registration Type' - all options apart from 'Registered online service user' should be ticked. This will capture patients with any registration types and patients without a registration type.

2. Next, under 'Clinical > Event Staff & Location' settings select 'Specific location (including branch sites)'. You will need to search for your hub and add it here.  

3. The last thing to do is amend the report name and select a 'Category' and 'Sub category' where you want to save it and click ok.